Guiders: Women of the Month or Everyday Women?

Dove Woman of the Month

Why is it so hard for women in Guiding to accept praise when they go above and beyond?

When GGC embarked on a campaign to find our Woman of the Month for Dove Canada, we knew there were thousands of wonderful adult Members encouraging and inspiring ‘girl greatness’ from coast to coast to coast.  What surprised us was how many of these remarkable women didn’t feel that they were doing anything special at all!

When I contacted some of the nominees, I was amazed at how humble they were about their own achievements.  Collectively, our 26 nominees have over 375 years of Guiding experience and have dedicated tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of volunteer hours to provide girls with rich, exciting and rewarding experiences!

I think that’s awesome, and deserving of acknowledgement but – if my communications with the nominees is any reflection – many Guiding women would blush and squirm at such praise.

So, to all of our dedicated volunteers who toil away in obscurity I say “take a bow” and accept our compliments and thanks! And don’t forget to check-out our GGC nominees as well as December’s Dove Woman of the Month, Guider Luci Johnson, to see for yourself how awesome these women really are.

By Nisha, GGC Staff

Is there someone you wish had been nominated or just deserves a shout out for her great work?

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