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Girl Guides of Canada online presence

Girl Guides of Canada online presence

You may not realize it but you’ve influenced me greatly. Yes, the tables are turned. Both girl and adult Members alike have had a stake in my work as the social media coordinator and in my home life as well. Thanks to your enthusiasm about Guiding, my daughter is a Guide; I offered to volunteer with her Unit; and even attempted to start a Unit in a priority neighbourhood (three times!). If you’ve communicated in a positive (and sometimes not-so-positive) manner about something needing ‘fixing’ this past year, you have caused me to listen, think, react and (hopefully) help grow Guiding by your side.

So what?!

Well, consider how many other people you’ve personally influenced when you talked up Guiding online? After all, the twitter hashtag #girlgreatness is so easily shared! Even our blog readership reaches much further than our own ‘sea to shining sea’ borders, to include Guiders from down under (g’day to our Aussie followers!).

The sum of our messages equals more than our individual posts ever could. When you’ve shared about yourself, your successes, a Unit activity, or your reason why stopping violence against women matters to you, you have contributed to our collective online identity. GGC is a brand and so much more. It’s an amorphous online community that needs continuous sculpting by its’ m/Members.

Looking ahead to 2012 is a great time to consider what role you would like to take on as part of growing our vibrant community. If you like reading our blog, how about writing for it? Have an idea for an online campaign around a special Guiding day? Interested in collaborating on an issue to be shared with others?  We’re listening!

I look forward to working with even more of you online in the New Year!

By Talya, GGC staff

How would you like to work with us online?

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