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Girl Guides is the ultimate leadership incubator for girls. In every activity, event and outdoor adventure a girl experiences through Guiding, she can develop her own personal leadership style. It’s not about being the boss – it’s about empowering girls to discover the kinds of leaders they want to be. As the winner of our girl-driven story telling contest focused on shared leadership, B.C. Trex Guider Nycki shares what happens when girls take the lead in planning their own adventures.

I am the Guider of a very small Trex unit in British Columbia. I have watched these girls grow from Sparks to amazing young women. There’s rarely a project, camp or event that they don’t plan, build and execute, however, Nite Trek has got to be their favourite.  Along with a unit from a nearby town the girls take the lead on this huge co-ed multi unit-event.  It has turned into something huge. 

We have participants from the U.S. and Alberta join us every year. Watching these girls plan, participate and build upon this every year is truly inspiring. While these girls are truly active outdoor enthusiasts they understand the need to include and accommodate everyone, including first-time campers. They offer help and expertise, including helping other patrols put up their tents if they are struggling.  They help lay trail and plan stations, give menu plans and basically run the weekend of hundreds of youth.  Each year they strive to build this better and improve upon the year before.  They also get to participate in the event themselves and the mentorship we have had feedback on from the trail is amazing. 

These girls cheer on those who struggle and encourage them to keep on going.  Some days I wonder if these capable young women even need me and that’s when I know I have done my job.  These girls are the future of Guiding and will be amazing leaders. I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

Thank you to Nycki Wannamaker from Fernie, B.C. for sharing this story. She receives a prize pack for her winning story. Look for this month’s girl-driven storytelling contest – focused on community engagement – to launch later this week.

Want to learn more about supporting girls in leadership roles in Guiding? Check out our resources for volunteers and girls.

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