10 reasons being a volunteer Guider is the BEST

Imagine a place where you can spark extraordinary moments for girls in your community – and for yourself, too. That’s what being a Guider is all about. On National Volunteer Week, here are 10 reasons why our adult members say being a Guider is the ULTIMATE in all that is fun and inspiring:

  1. You get a ‘code name.’
    It can get a bit awkward when you bump into a parent on the street and they only know your Guider name: “This is… Sparkles.”

2. Kids say some funny and adorable stuff.
“Does it taste like rainbows? But what if I don’t like the taste of rainbows?”

Copy of IMG_3898

3. You gain some pretty lit skills and experience for your resume.
Teamwork. Check. Leadership. Check. Responsibility for budgets. Check. Communications skills. Check, check and check.

4. You know some serious life hacks.
When the apocalypse hits, you won’t be fazed with all of those life hacks you’ve developed. “Let me just build a shelter in the snow, start a fire and cook a delicious meal from nothing but the contents of my small backpack and the forest

Girl with camp burner cooking

5. You’ll always have a reason to pull out your passport.
Whether you’re travelling to an international Girl Guide camp or taking a group of girls on a trip to Europe or South America

girl guides in ireland

6. And you’ll always have a place to crash, at home and abroad.
Guiding can be found all over the world, and with all that travelling you’re bound to have made a few friends around Canada and the globe.

girl guides at japan event

7. Energy is way more contagious than germs.
At the end of a end of a long hard workday, the girls bring so much joy and enthusiasm it’s often the perfect antidote to a bad day. And when they start laughing, just try not to join in.

8. It’s like a pair of hot, new glasses.
Guiding will have you seeing the world in new ways. From self-esteem and self-acceptance to eco-awareness hunger, programming stretches your own thinking just as much as the girls’.

Girls with sunglasses

9. You’re always in the cookie know.

10. Best of all – ultimate squad goals.
Nothing beats the friendships and support network you build at Guiding. Your fellow Guiders will always have your back and the fun and mischief you get up to together is priceless.

Two leaders

Are you interested in volunteering with Girl Guides? Get started on our website.

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