Why Girl Guide cookies are the ULTIMATE Canadian treat

We’re interrupting your day to bring you this important announcement: Girl Guide cookies are here. And they are the ULTIMATE in everything.

Girl Guides sell some 6 million boxes of cookies every year. That’s a lot of tasty goodness. And this weekend Girl Guides will be in your neighbourhood with cookies at the ready for Cookie Days in Canada.

But our cookies are more than just a cookie. So. Much. More. Find out why Girl Guide cookies are the ULTIMATE treat.

Girl Guide cookies power amazing experiences for girls – which we’re putting front and centre on our brand new box designs. Whether it’s going on her first canoe trip, conquering a rock wall or participating in a science and engineering workshop, Girl Guide cookie sales help fund life-changing experiences for girls in your community. This fall, you can buy one of eight new chocolotey mint cookie boxes showcasing the range of activities and friendships that are part of the Guiding experience.



Be sure to get a box or two or five before they’re all gobbled up…

Cookies are a passport to adventure.
From Quebec City to the Yukon, India to Peru and everywhere in between, Girl Guide cookie sales raise funds for travel experiences that help girls see the world – and themselves – in a brand new way.

cookies mountainscape

Girls also develop some pretty sweet skills through cookie sales. 
Goal setting. Project planning. Money management. Teamwork. Cookie selling gives girls an edge with the kinds of marketable skills that pay off when they’re applying for their first job, an internship or a post-secondary opportunity.

Forget Dragons’ Den – Girl Guides could give a master class in entrepreneurism.
  In 1927, Girl Guides in Regina baked and sold cookies to raise funds for a camping trip. And so our iconic fundraiser was born.

historic cookie box

(1957, from Girl Guides of Canada National Archives)

Girl Guide cookies are an out-of-this-world sensation. 
As a Girl Guide, Roberta Bondar earned her Astronomy badge. As Canada’s first female astronaut, neurologist Roberta Bondar made sure to pack her favourite treat – Girl Guide cookies.

roberta bondar


When you need your cookie connection, there’s a map for that. Cookie Days in Canada is this weekend (October 13 and 14) – and our members will be bringing cookies right to your door, to your local mall and beyond. Our cookie finder map helps you find the cookies you want no matter where you are in Canada.


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