Girl Guides is starting, Girl Guides is starting! Why girls are THIS excited

Another year of Girl Guides is starting up in units all across Canada. And yes, girls and volunteer Guiders are just a little bit excited. And why wouldn’t they be? Guiding really is an all-access pass for girls to explore, experiment, design and create their own adventures – and the ultimate place where every girl knows she belongs. 


Science and technology. Outdoor adventures. Planning their own community service project. Learning about healthy relationships. Guiding really is that place where girls can try it all. This year, girls are diving into our brand new program, Girls First. It’s totally girl-driven and all about girls taking the lead as they jump into empowering activities and explore what matters to them. 



Friendship goals. Squad goals. Sisterhood goals. Guiding is 100% that  place where girls can connect and form a totally empowering, totally supportive peer network that will help them soar.

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Of course, our volunteers are just a little bit excited for the start of the Guiding year, too.


Sisterhood. Empowerment. Making friends. It’s all a part of the Guiding adventure. But so is all the fun that girls have together in Guiding – sometimes it’s just that simple. 



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