Why soaking up summer in the great outdoors is the BEST

Making memories, making friends, making s’mores. It’s all possible through the kinds of outdoor experiences Guiding offers girls. Whether exploring the hidden beauty of an urban park or experiencing their first overnight canoe trip, girls in Guiding are kind of famous for soaking up every ounce of adventure the summer has to offer. Bonus: Guiding’s outdoor experiences are also an awesome opportunity for girls to build new skills, discover the thrill of challenging herself, and make new friends around the campfire. Pass the marshmallows, please!

Check out just how much outdoor fun girls in Guiding had this summer:

There’s nothing quite like those magical summer moments of singing silly songs around a campfire, giggling in a tent or learning to steer a canoe together. Hanging together outdoors is like the perfect recipe for making new friends.


“I did it!” Camp is a place where a girl can try new challenges, learn from her set-backs, feel confident to dust herself off and try again, and experience the thrill of figuring things out for herself.




Whether you’re a budding foodie or just down for classic camp cooking, food just somehow always tastes better when cooked outside.


Sometimes being outdoors is just about soaking it all in. Enough said.

Of course, Girl Guides know you don’t have to trek far to have an adventure – exploring the hidden beauty of your own neighbourhood is another way to get your nature fix.


Cheering girls on every step of the way during their outdoor adventures are our amazing Girl Guide volunteers. These amazing women mentors are in it for the fun and adventure, too.

Looking for a place where girls are empowered to take the lead, jump into awesome activities, and explore what matters to them? That’s Girl Guides of Canada. The new Guiding year is starting soon. Find out what units are available in your neighbourhood and register today. 

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