Opening the Vaults – World Thinking Day and the Intangible Spirit of Guiding

feb22_wtdlogoWhen we look through the collection in our national archives, we’re often inspired by the intangible spirit of Guiding that shines so bright in many of the images. For this World Thinking Day, we have pulled together a selection of quotes from past issues of  Canadian Guider magazine and photos that capture their sentiment.

Now more than ever, it’s so clear that there is so  much more that connects us than divides us. Guiding truly brings us together.

feb22_wtdcamp“Thinking Day has been set apart to carry Guide thoughts to Guide friends around the world. It is the day on which the Guide world emphasizes the peace and friendliness and the glory of our world-wide Movement as the Guides of each country join in thoughts of love, sympathy, friendliness and goodwill with their Guide sisters around the world.” – Canadian Guider, January 1936


“We of the new world in Canada with our background of pioneering and adventure should contribute not only friendliness but also spontaneity, adaptability and vision.”  – Canadian Guider, January 1939


“It does not matter to what nationality a girl belongs or what language she speaks; if she has the Guide outlook on life there you will find a common link with her.” –  Canadian Guider January 1940


“To think of our war guests – how far from home they are and how we can help to make life a little happier for them. To think also of the refugees within our borders who are faced with the task of beginning life anew among strangers – how can we help lighten their burdens?

To think about our own community and ways in which we can make life kinder and more pleasant for our neighbours.

To ask ourselves whether we do not often demand too much of our families and our friends and whether we are giving as much as we expect to receive.

It does not hurt to think – and by thinking things through in each case we can avoid inconveniencing and often hurting others.

On Guide Thinking Day, therefore, let us think not only of the Guide family itself, but of its part in Canadian life as a whole” – Canadian Guider, 1941

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