Opening the Vaults: Creative camp gadgets

We have some really interesting photos of camp gadgets in our collection. So many that we had trouble narrowing them down and reached out to some self-proclaimed gadget experts for their help with the selection. Choosing these pictures brought back memories of our own camping experiences and the pride we took in building our gadgets – especially when our tent won the gadget building competitions!


Our first selection is a photo of three Guides working together to build a tripod. We especially like the look of concentration on their faces in this one.  (APH 600 photo by Nick Yunge-Bateman, 1963)


In this picture we can see how the Guide has used her tripod to dry her dish cloths and also to hang her mess bag. (APH 490, c.1981)







A second use for a tripod is to hold a wash basin.  (APH 1860, c.1987)







This creative tabletop gadget was used to do laundry at an early international camp. (APH 1300)

And this innovative gadget has both a wash basin and a drying rack! (APH 1377, 1953)


We all agreed that this picture of girls making toasters was a great shot to conclude with.  (APH 608, 1971)

What was your favourite use for a camp gadget? Are you still making them today?

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