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The Guiding year is coming to an end – insert sad face emoji here. For girls and Guiders alike, it’s a time to celebrate – the good times, the fun times, and all of their achievements together as a unit.

In today’s blog, we share the perspectives of a Guider and Pathfinder from the 3rd Halifax South Pathfinder Unit as they celebrated at their district’s advancement ceremony:

June30_KaylaBTonight was advancement night for my Pathfinders. One of my Pathfinders wrote a speech about Guiding. How much she loves it, wish she had joined sooner (this was her first year) and thanked both my co-Guider and me plus the third-years for making this year so special.

Another Pathfinder wrote a song and music to it on a ukulele. She taught it to everyone and the unit performed it tonight.

We awarded another Pathfinder a special award for completing all 66 interest badges.

And all of the third years earned their Canada Cord.

I’m not going to lie – in September this unit had a challenging start. It has tripled in size to 20 girls, 13 of them first-years. But with patience and time this unit has truly come so far and has done so many great things.

These girls – the whole unit – has truly blown me away this year with their leadership, dedication, creativity and so much more.

Needless to say, there were some tears tonight. And a lot of girls already wishing for September.

– Unit Guider Kayla Bernard

June30_MadeleineI’m new to the whole Guiding thing. This year has been a great experience for everyone. We’ve accomplished multiple things as a unit, which make me regret not joining earlier.

As a new Pathfinder I’ve learned many things. I’ve learned that we don’t just sell cookies, we do more. We help make a difference in the world. As an example: we helped girls in Africa and we’ve done lots of community services. It’s all thanks to our Guiders Kayla and Margaret.

It’s amazing to think that they do all that for Girl Guides of Canada and especially for our unit. They set such a good example for everyone. I’m looking forward to coming back next year. I’d like to congratulate Leah, Anna, Maddie and Gillian for advancing to Rangers with their Canada Cord. I’d like to also thank them for planning all the activities they did for the first- and second-year Pathfinders. They made all of the first-years feel so welcome as soon as we became Pathfinders. Thanks for being such a great unit!

            -Pathfinder Madeleine  

Kayla Bernard is a Guider with the multi-branch 3rd Halifax Pathfinders, as well as the Nova Scotia Arts Adviser and a Link member. She is currently studying Psychology at Mount Saint Vincent University, is a tutor for grade nine students and a member of a community choir. See her previous posts: What does it mean to be an Arts Adviser? and  Life of a twenty-something Guider.

 Madeleine McOnie is a Pathfinder from 3rd Halifax South Pathfinders. She participates in dance and swim competitions and enjoys life with her family and friends.


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