What does it mean to be an Arts Adviser?

As Guiders, we get a lot of emails about volunteer opportunities within Guiding. We often scan them and look at the deadline but that’s about it. Last spring, one position in Nova Scotia caught my eye – Arts Adviser. So I flagged that email.


For a couple of weeks, the idea of that position was sitting on the back burner in my mind. I wanted to be more involved, as this was my first year out of Rangers, and something about that position spoke to me. So I submitted an application. I truly never thought I would get a response other than a ‘thank you for applying’ email. But not this time. I had a phone interview, then a week later I was granted the position.

For those of you who don’t know, the Arts Adviser generally sits on a program team, along with a STEM and Active Living Adviser in my province. We all work together with the Program Adviser to help make programming even stronger in our province.

Under my Arts Adviser umbrella, I provide resources to Guiders for the visual arts (like crafts), music, dance and drama. Which means sometimes I write pieces for Coast Lines, our monthly  provincial newsletter, respond to Guiders via email, visit units, help plan provincial events, and one of my favorites, work on provincial Challenges.

One of my best moments so far was visiting a brand new Brownie unit and helping the girls earn their Share Your Talent for Dance badge. For most, it was their first ever Guiding badge.

My Arts Adviser position has helped me connect with Guiding in a whole new way. I’ve also made some new friends I would not have met without this position. But, most importantly, it’s allowed me to share something I love, which is all things art.

The great thing about all the Girl Guide volunteer opportunities is that there is such a variety – there’s truly something for everyone. They not only allow you to follow your passion but also to step outside of your comfort zone and grow as a leader. Which, for me, is what Girl Guides is all about.

My tip for everyone is to apply. Start flagging those emails and really think about all the amazing skills you can offer Guiding in your area.

Guest post by Kayla Nicole. Kayla is a Guider with the multi-branch 25th Halifax Pathfinders, as well as the Nova Scotia Arts Adviser and a Link member. She is currently studying Psychology at Mount Saint Vincent University, is a tutor for grade nine students and a member of a community choir. See her previous post: Life of a twenty-something Guider.


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