How the cookie crumbles

It seems Canadians just can’t get enough Girl Guide cookies! This spring, Canadians gobbled up some 61 million chocolate and vanilla cookies. And what’s even sweeter is the countless local Guiding activities these cookies helped fund.

As we wrap-up the Guiding year, check out how our cookie numbers stacked up this spring:




If you’ve still got cookies left to sell, why not get in on all the action at hopping summer fairs, festivals and farmers’ markets. Share your selling events on social media, especially Twitter (reference @girlguidecookie for re-Tweeting).

And don’t forget to add any sales events to the Cookie Finder Map especially at this time of year when there is not as many events but people are still looking for cookies

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4 Responses to How the cookie crumbles

  1. Alice Gaveronski says:

    Wow – very impressive.Just wondering if I can use those figures, etc.. when chatting or doing up an article about cookies?I am the Sask. PR Adviser, and some of those stats are awesome. Alice

    Regards, Alice Gaveronski

    Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2014 18:40:21 +0000 To:

  2. Julie King says:

    What percentage of each box goes to Girl Guides? This was not stated. How much of that $5 actually goes to the girls?

    • From the $5 for a box of cookies, more than 64% goes directly to Guiding and is utilized by different levels of the organization. The remaining amount is used to cover the manufacturing and distribution costs.

      All the funds from cookies help provide program resources and support for the girls and their Guiders, including training, camps, and other activities in all provinces and territories. Cookie funds also help ensure that Guiding is open to any girl or woman who wants to join. For further information, please feel free to contact us at

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