Hammers + nails = awesome Spark bird houses

It may have been our noisiest meeting night ever, but it was likely the most fun for each of the Sparks. Eight dads and one mom were on hand as helpers for building our bird houses. A couple of dads purchased special smaller hammers for their daughters to use. They hammered the nails and not their fingers. They each followed their parent’s instruction, after Grandpa Teddy (the father of one of our Guiders) gave out the kits and the instructions.


All the Sparks were very excited to try their hand at using a hammer and building something special and useful. And, we met a number of requirements for our Spark Keepers – Going Outside and Exploring and Experimenting.

Our unit plans a Dad (or male alternate) and Daughter Meeting Night each year. An invitation from their daughter is given so they can plan to attend. The dads want to be involved and look forward to doing something special with their daughter. The bird house building idea came from co-Spark Leader Kristine Kries (Ruby) and it was her dad, Grandpa Teddy, who volunteered to do all the cutting of recycled wood material he had on hand.

Grandpa Teddy did an awesome job in cutting and putting the kits together. The pieces even had small drilled holes for where the nails should be positioned. Each Spark took home their bird house with pride that night to paint and find a special spot to hang.

NSP crestWe logged this activity on the National Service Project: Operation Earth Action website under Trash to Treasure and Animal Habitats.  With this great project the Sparks learnt about the outdoors, and connecting with nature when they decided where to hang their bird house.  Each Spark gained knowledge about building, did their best and we recognized each of them for participating in the National Service Project. They each received their Operation Earth Action Crest and also a special birdhouse building crest.

By guest blogger Alice Gaveronski (Sparkle), a Spark Guider for many years with Spark #8, Regina, SK, who is also the Saskatchewan PR Adviser and a member of the Trefoil Adventure Guild.

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  1. Betty Booudreau says:

    We do a Dad being a Spark night every year too – this year we did a heart string art. Dads drew a heart and then helped the girls hammer in the nails. Then the girls helped the Dads tie on the thread and weave it around the nails – it was so funny with all their big hands.

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