Why Train?

A few weekends ago, I had a fabulous time at a Guider training weekend. Many have asked me why I attend training weekends when I have a family, work full-time, run a direct sales business and volunteer my time with a Guide/Pathfinder unit.

The answer is quite simple, because Guider trainings are FUN and fabulous and I always come away with new knowledge…always!

I’ve been involved in Guiding in many capacities since I was a girl. I love the sisterhood we share and Guider trainings just help emphasize how awesome this organization really is. It doesn’t matter how long you have been involved; as a new Guider or a seasoned Guider, you will benefit enormously from these fun and informative events. The key is to go into the training with an open mind and a positive attitude. The trainings that Girl Guides offer members are designed to provide you with skills and knowledge you can apply to your volunteer roles. Hate accounting for Cookie money? Take a finance training. Can’t sing to save your life? Take an Arts training. Never camped a day in your life? Take an Outdoor Adventure Leadership training. What’s more, if you don’t see a training that you would like to take, suggest it to your DC or ACL and maybe you’ll find others wanting the same training and she can make it happen. No one is going to judge you or (what you think are) your shortcomings, because we’ve all been there. Trainings allow you to benefit from one another as well as from the material provided.

It’s not every day I get to visit with other like-minded women to share our passion for Guiding. We learn, we listen, we share and we laugh. Oh boy, do we laugh!  In Ontario, we often hear that it’s hard to connect with other leaders outside your immediate geographical area; trainings help you get connected. Some of my closest friends are women I have met at GGC training events. I search the events page frequently to see what new events and trainings have popped up; and if I see a training that I can attend, I make it happen.  If I can better myself, I can make my unit better. “Girl Greatness Starts Here” but girl greatness isn’t limited to just the girls. We can be great too and training can help us along the way!

Stephanie Nash

Stephanie Nash

By guest blogger Stephanie Nash. Guider, 2nd Mount Hope Guides & Pathfinders. Don’t forget to read more from Stephanie on her Twingle Gal Blog and other posts she’s written for GirlGuidesCANBlog: The Painted Girls, The Spirit of the Season, First Camp of the Season, Monday Musings about Guiding (on a Wednesday), Uniform Swapping, and A Totally Awesome Campfire.


There’s no better time than the present for Brownie Guiders in Ontario.  Ontario Council in partnership with the Disney Institute presents SUPER PROGRAM, a training exclusively for Brownie Guiders.  For complete details visit https://guidesontario.org/index.php/adult/unit-guider/brownies/26-adult-members/779-super-program


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