Happy International Day of the Girl 2013!

Happy International Day of the Girl from Girl Guides of Canada -Guides du Canada!

International Day of the Girl

How are YOU celebrating? Here are many ways that our girl members have celebrated!

I. Several units did Girl Guides’ International Day of the Girl Instant Meeting and shared their postcards with us. We wanted to hear their thoughts about why “We need girls in the lead”. Here are some of the photos and don’t forget to see the rest in our Flickr album!

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II. We asked our girl members, from Sparks to Rangers and Trex, to tell us about their favourite female singer or female band that promotes confidence, resourcefulness and/or courage in girls and women! Here they are! Don’t forget to watch the entire playlist.

III. We hope you read yesterday’s post by Guider Sarah about the importance of putting girls in the lead.


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