Flasback Friday : Bandanas and Things I Have Learned About Them

This post is part of our Flashback Friday blog post series for the summer months. Enjoy:
This post was originally shared on Guider Kaarina’s blog Guider Sunshine. Thank you Kaarina for allowing us to share this awesome idea!

Pink Bandanas

Our Ranger helper last year Butterfly (a.k.a. Brittany) came up with a wonderful craft idea for the Sparks – decorating bandanas.  She bought pink bandanas at the dollar store and the girls coloured and decorated them and then they wore them to the CN Centre Sleepover. The bandanas were perfect for identifying our girls at this big tri-district event.

This year rolled around and we decided to do it again.  Except this time, I fabric painted the girls’ names on the bandanas, and decided to keep them for Unit use.

They can either wear them as a bandana or a scarf. With the uniform change, all levels will have the same blue shirt, with a colour band around the arm and waist.  Not as easy to spot as a pink t-shirt.  If we use the pink bandanas for community events our 20 Sparks are easy to spot.  I think next year I will buy all the pink bandanas in town, but not fabric paint their names.  That way they can be used year after year.

By guest blogger Kaarina aka Sunshine, 1st Spruce Sparks, Prince George, BC.
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