Things get EXPLOSIVE at Girl Guides!!

On a dreary Tuesday April night, 2nd Eastern Passage Girl Guides were having a BLAST!

The girls were the first ever Girl Guide Group to go on a tour of the Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot in Bedford. They got a quick briefing about the history of the Depot, what ammunition is, and a few safety rules and then the girls got to go on a tour of the Depot.

They got to see where the ships dock when they arrive to take on ammo, and where the explosion happened in the depot way back in 1945, as well as the effects on the landscape that blast had all those years ago!

The highlight of the tour was when we were all allowed inside one of the ammo bunkers! There was close to 100 missiles just sitting there, ready for use. The bunker was completely safe, and each missile cost close to $700,000.00! Inside the bunker we learned how the missiles get transported to the ships, and why the bunker was so warm. We were even more thrilled when we were told that we could all pose for a picture inside the bunker!

Two very lucky girls had the opportunity to open and close the bunker door. With a loud yell of “Stand clear, the door is being open”, Bailey Young opened the bunker door and at the end of the tour, Brooklyn MacLane closed the bunker door by yelling “Door closing, everyone out!”

On our tour around the depot, the girls were amazed by all the wildlife that live inside the Base. There are foxes, and lots of deer. The deer are so tame that when you’re inside the Depot, the deer are almost like statues standing around, or lying there watching the goings on of life inside the Base!

By guest blogger Cindy Morash, Guider for 2nd Eastern Passage Guides to Dartmouth Shore Girl Guides’ Blog. 

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