What will Get YOU There?

Need inspiration to get to your goal of a dream Guiding trip or camp?  Check out what this unit from Northern Ontario did to get them to the finish line and off to Europe!

Our Unit has  worked very hard over the past 18 months to make some of our greatest Guiding dreams come true.  This summer we will embark on an incredible journey through Switzerland, including a day trip to Our Chalet; through Italy and France and then we will travel to England to stay at Pax Lodge and participate in the Journey Through London program.

Our Unit, the 1st Europe 2012 Independent Unit, consists of three Guiders and 18 girl Members, almost all of whom have been in Guiding since Sparks, They accepted my challenge of using cookie sales to finance our trip, and in doing so, broke cookie-selling records provincially and nationally by selling 1245 cases of classic cookies.  This past fall we sold over 400 cases of mint cookies and again this spring another 800 cases.

We delivered phone books, held pancakes breakfasts and auctions; sold thousands of chocolate bars and hundreds of perogies!  Parents, grandparents and girls, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins…everyone helped sell, eat and work their way toward this trip.  The past 18 months have been an incredible journey, but the reward for all the hard work awaits us July 1!

We have created our own blog which we hope you will follow as we travel.

The girls will be doing the postings and recapping the excitement of each day.    Join us as we travel through Europe, we will be glad to have you along!

Yours in Guiding,
Yvonne DeBruyne

Inspire other Guiders and girls – tell us what lengths you’ve gone to achieve your Guiding dreams?

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