When Guiders Make Moms Cry

I’m not a hugger and I can be kind of a Contrary Mary at times. But a little Guiding moment almost brought a tear to this mom’s eyes. At my daughter’s flying up ceremony from Sparks to Brownies, she was presented with a card from her Guiders:

“Dear Ella, Congratulations on becoming a
Brownie! But if we didn’t know better, Advancement note 1we would think you were headed straight to Girl Guides! You are a wonderful and mature young lady, and it has been an honour having you as part of 5th Kanata Sparks these past two years. You have wonderful stories and ideas, have excellent listening skills, and are willing to help a friend in need. You will make a terrific Brownie. We hope you have a wonderful summer. Love Glitter, Dream, Rainbow.”

I understand that not every Guider can do this, but ‘Wow….WOW!’ I thought as I read these truly thoughtful words. These Guiders really got to know my daughter. But then, cynical me, I wondered if they’d written something pretty much like this for all the girls. I quickly compared with my fellow-mom and friend Lindsay, whose daughter Alex was also flying up to Brownies. No, Alex’s card was unique and special to her:

Advancement note 2

“Dear Alex, It has been wonderful watching you grow these past two years in the Sparks programs. You are definitely ready for Brownies! Your arts and crafts work is inspiring! You are one very bright young lady who comes to each meeting with a smile and is always eager to see what we’re doing next. You have made a wonderful role model for the first year Sparks and taught them how easy it is to be a friend. We hope you and your family have a wonderful summer! Love, Glitter, Dream and Rainbow.”

Looking back at my daughter Ella’s card, it amazed me how, in a few special sentences, my daughter’s Guiders truly captured her essence and spirit. And in the process, took the breath away from this cynical mom.

So a big thank you to Glitter, Dream and Rainbow for all that you do. See you next year in Brownies!!!

By Mary, GGC staff

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4 Responses to When Guiders Make Moms Cry

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mary, thanks so much for your kind words! It’s thoughts like this that really drive home why I volunteer! I can’t wait to see Ella again next year in brownies, I am indeed a happy guider 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is most certainly inspiring…as a Guider for 25 years, those are the reason why I volunteer to know that you have inspired and touched someone. In the end you try to do your best and to follow the program and teacht he girls about sharing ,being a friend and all about those wonderful Girl Guiding values.

  3. Kathleen says:

    We always give a little speech about our Guides that go up, but haven’t done that with Sparks and Brownies but we should. Those are beautiful.

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