Infographic: How Much Online Support Does Girl Guides of Canada Have?

You’re going to love this post! Not only is it GGC’s first ‘infographic‘, it celebrates the amazing support Girl Guides of Canada -Guides du Canada has had online over the last six months. Who knew?!
(A HUGE thank you to all of our online supporters who have helped us share our messages online and to make this happen!)

InforGraphic: GGC's Online Support v3

InfoGraphic: GGC's Online Support v3

Here are the links to the GGC online accounts mentioned in the Infographic:

GGC’s Facebook Fan Page
GGC’s Twitter feed
GGC’s You Tube Channel
Girl Greatness PSA
Guiding Stars Public Service Announcement (PSA)
What Can a Cookie Do?

Girl Guides CAN Blog
Badges of Honour by Kelly Waterhouse.
World Thinking Day guest post by Margaret Treloar (and launch of GirlGuidesCANblog)
Confessions of an Urban Guider by Guider Tammy Sutherland, 3rd Saskatoon Rangers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Always great to see the organization flourishing. GCC is building women Leaders. Carry on with aplomb. Linda Reid MLA Richmond East – Deputy Speaker

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