North of 60: Guiding in Canada’s Far North

There are few of us who live North of 60, and even fewer members of Girl Guides. Living in Whitehorse has its advantages though – it’s got a road out!

Thinking outside the box has always been easy for me and that’s important up here. Internet has provided easier access to information and ideas, but it’s more expensive as there are no unlimited plans. Some things however are not as obvious and others need to be modified.

It takes till May for leaves and most flowers to show their face, but because of the long days the trees go from sticks to full green in a week. On the other hand the game Night Eyes doesn’t work at spring/summer camp here (aka May/June) as it never really gets dark. It’s great though, if like me, you keep forgetting your flashlight – it’s only dark in the outhouse!  But, Night Eyes can be played during the day, or at regular meeting time in the winter.

Being in a smaller community does have its advantages. I’ve had a Parks Canada
employee come to our camp to talk about nature, and then we were invited to
their camp skills training at the SS Klondike National Historic Site.

But small communities also have their challenges. Travel has to be more thought out as most regular flights go to Vancouver and can cost more than $500 per person, and it’s a 20+ hour to drive to Edmonton or Prince George. We can get to Skagway, Alaska in two hours though – depending on Customs!

By guest blogger and Guider Rosemary.


Like this post? What’s unique to your guiding experience as a girl, parent or Guider?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was a Guider in the NWT for many years. In 1999 I was fortunate enough to be part of the NWT patrol at CM 99 in MB. One of the things I clearly remember about preparing for the trip was looking at the kit list and having one young lady want to know why we had to take flashlights to a summer camp! We took the train from Edmonton to Winnipeg and for a group of girls who all had their own frequent flyer numbers it was an amazing start to the camp… yes, Guiding as with life in general is unique and very special ‘North of 60’….

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