BC Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous 2011 (SOAR): Behind the Scenes

SOAR 2011 Crest

SOAR 2011 Crest

Camping and food go hand in hand – most of us who camp end up saying we ate too much at camp.  I think it is something about being outside in the fresh air.

Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous 2011, better known as SOAR, has 250 Core Volunteers that deliver the program activities, coordinate security, health care and many other details; all are fed by the Cafeteria group – this group of 10 is tasked with preparing 3 full meals a day and providing sustenance for the Guiders from
early in the morning till the late at night.

Food logistics for SOAR

SOAR 2011 has 175 patrols so what are the logistics like?  The head of food
distribution has it down to a science!  The team begins at 5 in the morning with the task of filling 175 totes with the ingredients for breakfast and lunch.  The totes are delivered by truck to each subcamp and left for the girls to pick up.  Each patrol makes their breakfast and their bag lunch out of the ingredients given to them. The empty totes are picked up after the girls have left to begin their daily program, the totes are then refilled with ingredients for dinner and evening snack and then taken out to the subcamps in the late afternoon.

Special needs diets must be taken into consideration with care and attention, this task is the sole responsibility of one person to ensure all allergies and their side effects are mitigated so our members do not fall ill from eating food that will cause concern or down time for them.

Food & the girls

Each Patrol of 8 girls and 2 Guiders cook their own food. They get a sample menu in advance and are encouraged to bring along the condiments & spices they feel they will need to cook their own food; it is amazing to see how creative the girls get with their menus, our International guests find this especially exciting with the end result varying from Patrol to Patrol and a bit of a culinary trip around the world for those able to make out the creations!

Fast food facts for fun

In the big picture – there is a lot of food ordered and served at SOAR an example of the numbers are 2500 fruit leather packages, 4500 granola bars, 40,000 Juice Boxes, 1500 lbs of tomatoes, 27 cases of hot chocolate or 8100 pouches, 2340 Eggs and 1320 packages of cheese slices just to give you an idea of the magnitude!!

By co-guest bloggers, Linda Fairley, SOAR 2011 Steering Committee: Public Relations, and Laurie Hooker, BC PR Adviser.

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