A Girl’s View: How My Life is Different from Another Girl’s Life

Hmmm… well I’m going to say that this other girl lives in Norway, one of the richest countries in the world! Say that this girl lives with the  richest person in Norway – her Dad.

Well that  girl would be rich enough that they would be able to get:

  • Allowance without doing anything
  • They would be able to get everything they want but don’t need
  • They probably would live in a mansion
  • They won’t  have time to go to Girl Guides

Now comparing myself to all that, it looks like I’m very different!

  • I don’t get allowance for not doing anything
  • I don’t want everything including things I don’t need
  • Don’t live in a mansion
  • I DO have time to go to Girl Guides

By guest blogger Drew McFayden, Girl Guide, Age 12

Drew worked hard on her blog post and we think she did a fantastic job sharing her feelings about Guiding in her life! What would you say to Drew, our aspiring writer?

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