Putting Canadian Girls on the Map

National Service Project 2011 Map

This is the National Service Project map indicating the actions taken by GGC units across Canada.

To make positive changes in the world, girls and young women need to have a voice. And through Girl Guides of Canada’s National Service Project: EmPOWERing Girls, they’re shouting out loud and clear about what matters to them. Since launching in February, girls in Guiding from 5 to 17 have already logged an impressive 3,611 hours of service – and they’re just getting started!

All across Canada, girls have been planning and carrying out their own service projects. And to let everyone know what they’ve been up to, they’re adding their actions to the EmPOWERing Girls national counter and map, showcasing the impact girls are having nationwide.

girls + action = change

So, what can a bunch of girls do to change the world around them? Pretty much anything they set their mind to:

  • The 1st Happy Valley Rangers in Newfoundland and Labrador learned to make pillowcase dresses for girls of all ages in Africa
  • The 1st Navan Pathfinder Unit in Ontario held a Unit sleepover to discuss topics related to Eating Disorder Awareness Week
  • Girls in the 17th Saskatoon Guides learned about girls’ access to education around the world and created a wordless book to express the importance of literacy
  • The 5 and 6 year olds in  B.C.’s 1st West Riverview Sparks learned about the differences in the daily lives of women in Canada and around the world
  • And the 1st Port Hammond Guides made emergency packs to donate to a local women’s shelter, complete with inspirational messages.

Every girl and young woman has the power to influence decision-makers on the issues they care about and build a better world. This may sound complicated, but really, it just means speaking up and taking action, something Girl Guides are pretty good at.

So, what else will Girl Guides do for EmPOWERing Girls? Just watch us….

By Mary, GGC staff


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  1. Deanna Way says:

    My 2nd Kanata Ranger unit is working hard to make a difference in our greater Guiding community.

    Since October we’ve been working on our “Portage over Poverty” service project. On April 16th 2011 we will be joined by many other Pathfinder and Ranger units in the Ottawa region to participate in a scavenger hunt while carrying around a makeshift canoe. All the funds raised are directed to WAGGGS and 2010’s Global Action Theme: to eradicate hunger and poverty and to end poverty by 2015. Our Rangers are working really hard to make this happen, and I’m so proud of my unit!

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