All together now

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of 155,000 Girl Guides and Scouts across Canada making their mark on Guide-Scout Week. From February 20-27, 2011, our Members are letting everyone know about the powerful role Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts Canada plays in helping shape our communities’ young leaders. Yeah, we think it’s a pretty big deal, too.

All week long, Girl Guides and Scouts will be joining up to enjoy celebratory events, in the spirit of camaraderie and friendship between our two Movements. And from Burlington, Ontario to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, mayors are declaring this Guide-Scout Week in their communities. (Of course, we think every week should be Girl Guide Week, but that’s just our opinion.)

Girl Guides and Scouts are everywhere. We’re in your food banks, helping to stock shelves. We’re in your community centres leading bullying awareness events. We’re in your provincial parks, sweating it up as we learn to rock climb. If you’re already a Member of Girl Guides of Canada, you know about all the amazing things you can do through Guiding. (And if you’re not a Member, we gotta ask – whatcha waiting for? C’mon, join us!)

So, what are you doing for Guide-Scout Week? Share, please….

By Mary, GGC staff


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