Using Social Media to Promote World Thinking Day

With our growing online numbers over the past few months on Facebook and Twitter, we tried to come up with something really special for our online audiences in celebration of World Thinking Day, on February 22, 2011.

Here’s a summary of what we succeeded in doing!

On Facebook, we changed our Profile photo to the GGC “Empowering Girls Will Change the World” thought bubble, and asked our fans to state “I’m thinking About World Thinking Day”. We received some more photos for the Flickr Group Thought Bubble Campaign, and even some fun Wordles!

On Twitter, we wanted to highlight World Thinking Day and share the message that “Empowering Girls Will Change the World”. At 2:22 EST, we tried a first-ever crowd-tweet (a collaborative Twitter campaign where followers send out coordinated tweets that in combination portray a text-based picture). We worked with 6 wonderful Twitterers, either Members or GGC supporters, who are very active on Twitter, and it ended up looking like this! (Do you see the thought bubble? It’s there – we promise!)

GGC CrowdTweet

A huge thank you to our wonderful participants:

  • Guider Heather, 3rd St Albert Pathfinders and Alberta Lone Rangers (@hcgardiner)
  • Sarah, Special Events team for the Dartmouth Shore Area in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (@SAPL)
  • Christine, in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador who supports the 9th Mount Pearl Guides and the 1st Mount Pearl Trex units (@isekhmet)
  • Guider Jenn, 24th Waterloo Brownies , Waterloo ON (@JennAnnis)
  • Guider Stephanie, 1st Mount Hope Sparks & 2nd Mount Hope Guides, Mount Hope,ON (@twinglegal)
  • Guider Jenn, Chair of the Provincial Recognition Ceremonies, and a Guider with 1st Wimot Pathfinders (@MrsWookiee)
  • And thank you to @Clarqui for your online support too!

The great thing is that in the end, it generated a great deal of support.

We were also fortunate to have over 100 Members and fans add our World Thinking Day Twitter Twibbon to their photo. Here’s a great photo of some of those supporters.

Looks like Girl Guides of Canada has a great, supportive presence online.

Happy World Thinking Day everyone!

By Talya, GGC staff


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  1. Bobbi Hoadley says:

    Girl Greatness is here! Thanks Talya 🙂

  2. drnora says:

    The world needs more thinking girls

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