At Girl Guides, we’ve got pride in being inclusive

At Girl Guides, we love a good parade. Even better – when the parade is all about positivity and inclusivity. From the Yukon to Saskatchewan and beyond, Girl Guides are participating in Pride month celebrations big and small across the country. Our goal – to be loud and proud in showcasing Guiding as a safe and welcoming space for the 2S-LGBTQI+ community.

Here’s a look at how Girl Guides are celebrating and what some of our members have to say about what it means to see Guiding at Pride events:

“Having Girl Guides at Pride makes us feel included and helps Guiding be an inclusive space for all us!”

“Seeing Girl Guides at Pride feels like home. Girl Guides are family!” 

“I grew up in Guides. It wasn’t queer friendly. To see GGC here now brings me Pride.” 

“I am so happy my daughters and I are a part of this great organization.” 

“More than 40 years ago I started in Guiding as a Brownie. This was in the 1970’s when being gay meant you could be beaten, persecuted, and at the very least shunned. I was a Brownie, Guide, and a Sparks/Brownie/Guide leader, all the while keeping who I really was a secret. It brings me to tears to see how much things have changed and how inclusive guiding has become.”

“It is so heartwarming to see a pillar that is Girl Guides for so many young women at an event as powerful as the Toronto Pride Festival.” 

“Seeing GGC at Pride is so amazing. Really shows how much they care.”   

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