How I jumped into a waterfall with Girl Guides – and you can, too!

Jumping into a waterfall –  sounds both exciting and scary all at the same time, right? But not when you’ve got your Guiding sisters to cheer you on. As Mackenzie writes, you never know what kind of adventure and amazing friends you’ll find when you take part in a Girl Guide travel experience.

P.S. You can get your adventure on by applying for a Girl Guide Nationally-Sponsored trip. Applications close September 12.

Traveling to the Girl Guide World Centre Our Cabaña in Mexico was more than I ever could have dreamed. From the moment I walked through the two blue doors donated by Lady Baden-Powell, I felt like I was home. While at Our Cabaña, I got to meet so many amazing girls that I still talk to today – from Scotland, United States, Venezuela, England and of course Mexico!

During our trip, we visited the pyramids of the moon and sun. It felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. But when we got to the top it felt so rewarding and the view was amazing.

One evening we had a campfire. It was so much fun getting to learn new Girl Guide songs in English and Spanish. I really experienced the sisterhood of Guiding when we’d all start singing the same song and everyone knew the words. This shows that no matter where you are in the world, you are connected through Guiding.

One of my favourite things we did at Our Cabaña was spending the day with kids from the local town. We made crafts, played sports, sang songs and laughed.

Another cool thing was going waterfall jumping. Waterfall jumping is exactly what it sounds like: standing on top of a waterfall and jumping down into the pool of water below. Some jumps were only 3 metres and some were 12 metres. Every jump felt so freeing and the support I found in my fellow Girl Guides as I took that giant leap was incredible. Everyone would cheer you on and congratulate you after you jumped.

On our last day at Our Cabaña, we all cried. I felt like I could have stayed there another two weeks or even two months. There was so much I didn’t even have time to do. As we walked out the door I said to myself, “I will return one day” – and I still plan on keeping this promise.

London. Rome. Paris. The Amazon. Newfoundland and Labrador. These are just some of the destinations you can apply for as part of our Nationally-Sponsored Trips program. Hurry! The deadline is September 12. 

Guest post by Mackenzie Furey, a Girl Guide member from  Newfoundland and Labrador. Mackenzie has served in many volunteer and leadership roles, including working with Guide units and as a member of the National Youth Council.


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