In Guiding, we have Pride in being inclusive

Photo: Saajid Sam Motala

Who doesn’t love a parade? Even better – when the parade is all about positivity and inclusivity. Now that’s the kind of parade that Girl Guides will totally join in. During Pride month, Girl Guides across the country participated in community celebrations big and small. At Toronto Pride, staff from Girl Guides of Canada’s national office and local members joined together for the first time to march as an official parade contingent. Their goal – to be loud and proud in showcasing Guiding as a safe and welcoming space for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Here’s what some members and staff had to say about what it meant to march in Pride as a Girl Guide:

Photo: Saajid Sam Motala

Photo: Saajid Sam Motala

“I have always wanted to go see the Pride Parade in Toronto. When I saw the opportunity to march in the parade as a representative of Girl Guides of Canada, I signed up immediately. Why wouldn’t I want to be part of something bigger than just an on-looker in the crowd?

I learned that day that Pride isn’t just for the LBGTQ+ community but it’s for EVERYONE who is an ally and friend to the community. It doesn’t matter your gender, race or colour – you simply feel accepted for who you are or want to be on that day. Aside from the amazing costumes, make-up and diversity everywhere, the most memorable moment was when I saw a young girl in the crowd raise her hand and give the Girl Guide sign. For Girl Guides to be a part of Pride, it reinforces the fundamental message that we stand for INCLUSION.” – Julia, volunteer Guider

Photo: Saajid Sam Motala

“Though I’ve been to Pride a million times, I have never marched in the parade, nor have I ever worked anywhere that’s been IN the parade. I wasn’t sure what to expect – but what I felt was a sense of community like no other. It was a pretty powerful moment! When people saw Girl Guides in the parade, there were such cheers. Girls and women who clearly had some involvement in the organization at some point in their life waved and applauded joyfully.

It was very clear that on Sunday, people saw Guiding in a new light. They saw an organization that wasn’t just talking the talk of inclusivity, we were (literally!) walking the walk. And for girls and young women, it just reinforces to them that not only do they have a safe space to be who they are, but they have a sisterhood that truly has their back, no matter how they identify!” – Rochelle, Senior Manager, Programming

Photo: Saajid Sam Motala

“As an openly proud member of the queer community, I want girls, parents and even former members to see that there are openly LGBTQA+ Guiders who will be there for our girls unconditionally. Girls are still learning about who they are, how they fit into their  local communities and the world overall and I want them to know that there are adults in their lives who understand what they’re going through – and that no matter what struggles they may face, we are out there cheering them on.

Everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, has a story of finding that place where they fit in. I want Girl Guides to be that place. I want people to see that Girl Guides of Canada is a positive and inclusive organization for girls where they can become involved in their communities and not only be accepted but celebrated for their diversity. At Girl Guides, a girl can be everything she wants to be and, for  me, that includes being accepted for who she already is.” – Jocelyn, volunteer Unit Guider 


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