Oh the places she’ll go… with Guiding

New friends. The most fun. The best adventures. Girl Guides is pretty much an all-access pass to the ultimate in everything girls want. And this Guiding year was no exception. Think of this as our mini-digital yearbook celebrating the wrap-up of another out-of-this-world year of adventures and accomplishments for girls in Guiding.

Who doesn’t want to snap a proud parent pic when they see their girls shine in a girls-only, girl-friendly and girl-driven space like Girl Guides?

My Spark is now a Brownie #girlguidesofcanada #soproud #girlpower

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There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment from setting out to achieve what matters to you, taking on challenges and experiencing the thrill of knowing you succeeded and reached your goals – all while your Girl Guide friends and Guiders cheer you on. That’s definitely worth celebrating. 

For every accomplishment of every girl in Guiding, our volunteers are right by their side, supporting girls as they discover themselves and the change they want in their world. As Guiders, they are catalysts igniting the potential  in each and every girl in Guiding –ensuring that Girl Guides is a catalyst for girls empowering girls.  


Registration for the 2018-19 Guiding year (starting this fall) is now open! Don’t miss out. Learn more about our exciting programs for girls age 5-17, or find a Guiding unit near you.

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