5 retro camp pics way cooler than anything on Instagram

Who needs Instagram to give their camp photos a nostalgic vibe? At Girl Guides of Canada, we’ve got lots of classic camp pics with that hazy look that can only come from the 1970s and 1980s. More permanent than Snapchat and more legit than an Instagram filter, our archives has an authentically curated photo collection that proves that Guiding has always been the ULTIMATE place for girl-driven adventure.

  1. Have K-Way jacket, will travel.
Girls arriving at camp

GGC National Archives APH 2213

When packing for camp, you always want the essentials – like a rain jacket that folds into a pouch (hello, K-Way jacket). And of course, a Cabbage Patch doll. You never know when you might need a Cabbage Patch doll.

  1. Photobombing was the bomb even in the 1980s.
Girls hiking at camp

GGC National Archives APH 2431

Hi mom! Look at me – making friends and carrying a gi-nor-mous backpack!

  1. Girl Guides were crafting and DIYing long before Pinterest and Etsy.
Girls building at camp

GGC National Archives APH 2444

Give a girl some sticks and some string and she’ll build something amazing.

  1. Girl Guides were taking foodie photos before it was even a thing.
Girls doing campfire cooking

GGC National Archives APH 2436

No, it is not just a hamburger. It is authentic Canadian beef cooked over an open flame and nestled in the finest of Wonder Bread goodness.

  1. Girl Guides are not afraid to be daring and try the latest food ‘trends’.
Girl Guides cooking at camp

GGC National Archives APH 2440

Pour some cupcake batter into an orange peel and bake it over the fire pit? Sure, we’re game! (But let’s leave the relish for the authentic Canadian beef cooked over an open flame and nestled in the finest of Wonder Bread goodness.)

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1 Response to 5 retro camp pics way cooler than anything on Instagram

  1. Audrey and Bob says:

    Hi There!

    Just had to respond to this blog this year. The photo of the Rangers backpacking includes my daughter, Leslie-Anne McKenzie (Forrest), with the braids and yellow Trefoil and her BFF Sandi Robertson (Godwin), to the right with a jacket over her backpack. I cannot recall the names of the other girls but Leslie-Anne could identify them. The photo was taken in the Qu’Appelle Valley, SK. The photographer was the girls’ Ranger Guider Jo Szostak, who was one of my Rangers two years earlier! Jo and I are both past PCs for SK. The photo has been used at various times in the past – much to our pleasure – and was identified as being taken in Alberta! The backpacks are indeed huge and weighed a ton, but that’s what was used in 1975! This was a day trip to practice for longer hikes! Both Leslie-Anne and Sandi used them to attend an international event in Norway.

    Thank you for continuing to post this very special memory for not only the Rangers involved and their Guider, but for this proud Mom and long-time Guider who is still active with her Trefoil Guild – as is Jo with the same Guild!

    Audrey Forrest


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