This Sparks pj party will give you the warm and fuzzies

Pajama party checklist:

PJs? Check.

S’mores? Check.

Campfire? Check.

Giving back to your community? Check.

To celebrate the end of the Guiding year, the 73rd Toronto Sparks put on their finest and fuzziest to celebrate with a pajama party. But this being Sparks, it was so much more than just your standard slumber party. The girls rolled up their fuzzy pj sleeves to take some Action on Poverty as part of our National Service Project.

When you’re five years old, it can sometimes be difficult to understand  or imagine what it’s like to live in a shelter. One thing that makes it easier is to think about all the things you need in order to feel safe and comfortable before you go to bed and pass those on to someone who needs a little extra support.

Decked out in their warm fuzzies, the Sparks and their moms kicked off their pj party by creating good night bags for the kids in a local shelter. After decorating the bags with sleepy-time messages, they filled them with flashlights, bedtime snacks, bath friends, and another little piece that makes for a truly special bedtime routine  –a story!

Some people can be quick to underestimate Sparks, but this pj party showed what we already knew – that it just takes a little Spark to make the world a little warmer.

Guest post by Ashley Pamenter. Known as Chickadee to her Sparks, she’s also part of our national Programming staff team.

Make sure to log your units’ actions on the NSP website before the end of the year.


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