Move over Wonder Woman – these super hero Sparks are super every day

While Wonder Woman leaps into movie theatres across the planet this week, there are real-life female super heroes in our midst every day. We’re talking about Girl Guides.

Super heroes like the 1st Valley East Sparks in Sudbury, Ontario, who recently hosted a superhero night for their dads and other guests. These pint-sized super heroes are an awesome reminder that there’s a little bit of Wonder Woman in every Girl Guide.

In comic book world, Wonder Woman is part of an all-female warrior group. They are peace-loving and respectful of differences. In real life, Girl Guides are proud to be in a strong girl gang – girls who stick together no matter what.

Super heroes always have super powers – it’s what makes them, well, super. Girls in Guiding are daring, brave, courageous and stand up for what they think is right. They inspire and empower each other. They reach for extraordinary heights as they tackle new challenges.  And of course, they save the world, too – through small acts of kindness and helping in their community. Because when girls stand together, they can achieve extraordinary things.

Every super hero needs a super hero outfit, and Girl Guides are no exception. Every week, girls from Sparks through Rangers wear their own super hero uniform – minus the cape of course.

Back at the 1st Valley East Sparks, girls proudly unleashed their super powers of kindness and leadership as they took their dads and other guests through craft and activity stations. Along the way, they got to show just how much they’ve achieved in Guiding this year.

Spark colouring

“This meeting at the end of the year always shows how far our little Spark superheroes have come. Those who would barely say ‘hello’ in September proudly introduced their guests to all their friends,” says their Guider, Sophie Boissonneault. “We like to make sure all the girls know how super they are every week, but it’s at times like these we’re reminded of the reasons we do what we do as volunteers and Guiders.”

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