Three reasons why volunteering with Girl Guides is awesome

By Katie Dersch

  1. There is something for everyone
    Growing up in Guiding, I was able to try so many different things. From camping to robotics, I got to see for myself what I was interested in. Girl Guides helps you grow an appetite for adventure, and if that isn’t your thing, Guiding is completely supportive of what is. In the Ranger unit I volunteer with, most of the girls have gone through Guiding and realized that camping isn’t their cup of tea. Instead of forcing them to camp, we formed an event planning unit and we run programs for each level of Guiding.katie blog pic.jpg
  2. You have the opportunity to travel
    I have traveled with Girl Guides on many occasions. In my last year of Rangers, we ran a campaign called “New York or Bust” where we collected bras, fundraised to go to New York City, then donated half the bras to the YWCA there and half to our local YWCA. This year, I went to a leadership development seminar at Our Chalet World Centre in Switzerland. It is something very special to represent Girl Guides while exploring new places.
  3. You get to experience the sisterhood of Guiding
    I think the most awesome thing about volunteering with Girl Guides is the fact that you get to meet amazing girls and women from all around the world. The sisterhood of Guiding creates such a unique bond. Recently, while traveling to Our Chalet, I left my bags with one of the other seminar participants. As I was walking back, I thought “Oh my gosh! I left my bags with someone I literally just met.” Funnily enough, she did the same thing. Guiding creates a bond of trust and friendship that is hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it first-hand.

Katie Dersch is a Guider with the 48th Sparks and 3rd Rangers in Saskatoon and has been a member of the organization since she was a Spark. Interested in volunteering with Girl Guides or know someone who is? Visit our website.

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