What girls have to say about mental health

“I think mental health is  more normal than people think. If more people talked about it, it would become normal.” – 10-year old Guide 

Girls have a lot to say about mental health, and we’re giving them the space to start talking. This month, girls across the country are taking part in Mighty Minds, our comprehensive new mental health program. Girls in the 3rd Halifax South Pathfinders and the 4th Bedford Guides and Pathfinders were among the first to try the program and shared their thoughts on mental health with us:

jan18_mminds_girlstable2“Would you be ashamed if you broke your leg. No. So why be ashamed of a mental illness?” – 14-year old Pathfinder

“Lots of people have mental health issues. It’s society that makes it seem like a big deal.” – 12-year old Pathfinder

“I wish grown-ups would let us talk about our feelings more. If we can talk and use emojis every day, then why not real things.” – 10-year old Guide

jan18_mminds_guide“Talking to people is a good thing. People love you and want to help. It’s what people do.” – 9 year-old Guide

“Stigma is just cruel and unnecessary. Your illness cannot bring you down. You can do so much.” – 13-year old Pathfinder

Thanks to Kayla Bernard, Unit Guider with the 3rd Halifax South Pathfinders and the 4th Bedford Guides and Pathfinders for her assistance with this post.

candle2Our Shine a Light events across the country are celebrating the launch of our Mighty Minds mental health programming. Kayla will be the host of our event in Sackville, NS on Saturday, January 21, 6-7 pm. There’ll also be an event at Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday, January 21, 5:30 pm, with Chief Commissioner Pamela Rice and two-time Olympic gold-medalist Cheryl Pounder. All events are open to members, their families and the public. 

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  1. These are wonderful ideas! Can GSUSA members participate in this?

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