1 Response to How low ropes taught me how to be a better Guider

  1. L Smith says:

    One thing I find very wearing is where Leaders turn ‘craft’ into ‘flat-pack assembly’. The point of craft in the programme is twofold – firstly, practicing and improving dexterity by learning to use scissors, pencils, paintbrushes, saws, chisels – with skill, developing fine motor control. And secondly – developing taste, by choosing colour and design, turning the mental picture into a reality. If a girl is supplied with a batch of components already cut out, or a kit where someone has already decided that pink bunnies shall have white tails, and blue bunnies shall have green tails – then how much of the value is lost? At what point does it become a painting-by-numbers – someone else’s craft really, I just stuck it together for them?

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