So many Pokémon, so many ways

Pokémon GO became available in Canada just as Guiding Mosaic 2016 was ending, and I’ve been playing ever since I got home from camp in Alberta. Here are 10 ways to incorporate Pokémon GO into your unit’s activities:

  1. Map reading/orienteering. Using the map view on your phone or tablet will give the girls experience in orienting themselves to a map.
  2. Historical/cultural sites. Many Pokéstops are located at historical or cultural sites. Take your girls on a walk of discovery. In my community of Fredericton, I discovered monuments I didn’t even know were in my neighbourhood._mg_1046
  3. While Sparks won’t be creating their own Pokémon GO accounts, Pathfinders or Rangers might. Start a conversation about the kinds of information you share online.
  4. Environmental concerns. Combine a Pokémon GO walk with a litter chase. Examine how different species of Pokémon are adapted to different environments. Figure out how to look for Pokémon in various environments while being as unobtrusive as possible.
  5. Plan an enrollment or advancement with a Pokémon theme. Sparks can evolve into Brownies, or Pathfinders can evolve into Rangers.
  6. Make Pokémon out of modeling clay. Knit or crochet Pokéball hats. Invent your own Pokémon. There are myriad patterns available.
  7. Give each group a Pokémon name and refer to Guiders as Trainers. Make Pokémon-themed treats or collect stardust for doing challenges.
  8. Street sense. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in hunting Pokémon that you don’t watch where you’re going. A Pokémon GO walk can teach your girls how to pay attention to their surroundings.
  9. Public courtesy. Discuss how to play without trespassing, blocking the sidewalk or being unnecessarily noisy.
  10. Manga and anime. Are you or your girls into manga or anime? Discussing Pokémon can be a gateway to other facets of Japanese culture. For the older girls, it’s a great opportunity to open a discussion on how girls and women are depicted in anime, manga and conventional comics.

hula2Guest post by Faith Cormier, a Spark and Ranger Guider in Fredericton. Faith is also a Trainer and loves to camp. 

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