Be prepared… for bears

Over the past few years I’ve heard from many friends, family and members of the community that they’re always wondering when Girl Guides will come to their door selling Girl Guide cookies. So when cookie delivery day in Sudbury landed on our meeting night, we didn’t waste a minute in bringing the girls door-to-door in the neighborhood where we meet.

We started our cookie blitz meeting the same way we always do,  by having the third-year Guides prep the rest of girls on how to go door-to-door:

  • Step 1: Ring the door bell, then step back – if they don’t have a door bell, knock three times and step back.
  • Step 2: Sing the ABC’s quietly. If no one answers the door,  then move to the next house.

Once each patrol was ready, they picked up their cases and headed out the door with a Guider.

oct13_bearWe were having a great night cookie selling. This was the first year in a long time that it hasn’t rained on us. To top it off it was actually warm.

But then, as one of our Guides, Samara, approached our twentieth house or so, I heard:

“Uh, Tanya…”

To which I replied: “Yah, Sammie?”

“Uhm, that’s a bear!”

So of course I rounded the car and sure enough, this is what I see:


(Keep in mind we are in the middle of suburbia.)

“Yeah Sammie, that’s a bear! I want you to back up slowly, meet up with the other team.”

oct13_bear3Regrouping with the other four teams, we sadly headed back to the church with only two cases sold.

Although it was not our best cookie blitz ever, I know that 20 years from now, the girls will all remember and share the story of that cookie blitz.

Guest post by Tanya Taylor, a Guide and Trex Guider in Sudbury, ON. Tanya is also a Trainer and volunteers on many specialty groups within the Sudbury Guiding community. 

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