Go team Sparks!

August_GoTEamSparks_BethI love all of my girls in Guiding, but sometimes a group of girls touches my heart in a very special way – and  that was the case with 4th Dartmouth Sparks this past year. I was constantly amazed by their cohesion, their desire to be a team, and their limitless kindness and caring toward one another.

They did not utter a word of protest when placed in a cookie selling group that did not include their best friends. They did not ask if they could change teams when we randomly selected groups for games. They simply accepted the friend beside them and laughed and smiled together.

This group innately recognized that Sparks is a group of girls on a team who support one another, celebrate one another, and accept one another. The world could learn a lot by watching my girls. Their parents always thanked me after meetings and my response was always the same, “You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.” And it was. I stood there some nights in disbelief at how a group of little girls could teach me so much about the power of this organization. They represented Guiding in a way that anyone who wears the uniform would be proud of.

When spending time with these girls, I experienced a special kind of peace that does not exist elsewhere in my life. They could be bouncing off the walls and yelling while playing an active game and my soul was soothed and calm. I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Exactly where I needed to be. Those girls took care of my heart, my sanity, and my soul. I was Giggles. And that is ALL I had to be. That is all they let me be. I wasn’t allowed to be a single mom who was worried about bills or a daughter who was concerned about her dad’s upcoming heart surgery. They made that all fade away with their smiles and laughter and magic. Such incredible magic!

At Advancement, we each had a tealight in a candle holder. I told them that the light represented the light of Guiding – that we shine that light on one another and it brightens our hearts even after it has moved on. My Guiding light truly shone brightly with these girls.

Guest post by Beth (a.k.a. Giggles), the District Commissioner for Banook in Nova Scotia, a Guider with the 4th Dartmouth Sparks and also for 1st Highfield Sparks/Brownies, and a Trainer with Dartmouth Shore Area. Beth has been in Guiding for 33 years and is the proud mom of an eight-year-old son.

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