Helping the Bees

Earlier this spring, the 2nd Cedar Park Guides in Quebec took an environmentally friendly action for the 3rd years to complete their Lady Baden-Powell Challenge and to help the bees. They also invited the 3rd Cedar Park Brownies to partake in their challenge and learn about Guides.


The meeting consisted of cleaning up garbage around the school yard where they meet, preparing the earth for a flower bed, planting the seeds for wild flowers and watering them. Some of the seeds were from “Bring Back the Bees” and we bought some more. Each Guide was accompanied by a Guide-in-Training (also known as Brownies). The experience was very educational for both groups, as the Guides learned leadership skills and the Brownies learned about the importance of bees for our world.


In conclusion, both parties had fun, learned a lot and helped “save the bees” (who are endangered from pollution and loss of habitat!).

Guest post by the 3rd year Guides, 2nd Cedar Park unit, Pointe Claire District. Originally posted on the GuidesQuébecBlog

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