Guides learn the nuts and bolts of auto mechanics

May12_tireUniformThis year, our programming has been focused on trying new things. Our unit brainstormed ideas of things that girls should know how to do but might not traditionally learn. Most of the girls had participated in a tool or building night in Sparks and Brownies, so that led us to the idea of car maintenance. Lucky for us, the automotive team at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) embraced our idea and developed an amazing hands-on evening. This dad-and-daughter programming night ended up as one of our favourite field trips of the year.

Girls and their Dads were split up into four groups and rotated through stations.  They learned how to change a tire, explored a working motor, learned about oil changes while working under the hood, and saw the underbelly of a car up on a hoist. They also worked as teams, racing to see who could loosen the bolts on a tire, take off the tire and then get it back on – we had some very competitive teams! When power tools and timers are involved, you see another side of Dad and daughter duos! It’s hard to know who had more fun on this night.


A couple of weeks after the event, we received an email from a Mom advising us that her daughter and husband were out in the garage changing her winter tires. She thanked us for providing this experience for her daughter – and saving her money! For us, this programming is a fantastic example of Girl Greatness.

Guest post by Kathy House. A former girl member, Kathy has enjoyed being a Unit Guider in Sparks, Brownies and Guides with her daughters. She is also the District Commissioner of Emily Murphy District. It is her honour to give back to the organization that taught her so much as a child.

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  1. Leslie Earle says:

    What a fantastic story! Congratulations and great work to all girls and Guiders involved. Our Brownies did something similar in Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador this Winter. Learning about careers in the trades, the girls particularly enjoyed the electrical session when their battery and solar connections worked and the light came on! 🙂 #GirlPower

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