Thank you x 74,340

Volunteer-Week-2016-WordsWeek in and week out, we know just how much our volunteers give to girls in Guiding. You contribute on so many levels – as Unit Guiders, Trainers and Advisers, Commissioners and Treasurers, and Trefoil Guild and Link members. Thank you for sharing your skills, your passion and your time as a member of Girl Guides–Guides du Canada (GGC).

There are truly no limits to what our 74,340 girl members  can achieve with the support of our volunteers. As our Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers tell us, they love being part of something bigger, and you make that happen.

Volunteer-Week-2016-CrestThank you – for allowing the voices of Canadian girls to be heard loud and clear, and for your incredible contributions and commitment to Girl Greatness. Thank you for all that you do for Canadian Guiding.

Happy National Volunteer Week!

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