Opening the Vaults: Vintage Girl Guide cookie boxes

Our spring cookie season is ramping up, a tasty tradition that started in 1927 when girls in Regina sold cookies to raise money for their uniforms and camping equipment. Many visitors to our archives are drawn to the vintage cookie boxes that remind them of their time as girl members. The most powerful of these images seem to be uniforms, program books and cookie boxes. We hope you enjoy seeing these historical cookie boxes from our collection.


A cookie box from 1960 when we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Guiding in Canada.


Cookie box from 1967.


A 1968 box, when the hat was still a part of the uniform and prior to Canada
switching to metric in 1970.


Our 1985 75th anniversary box. This image was also used for
a special-edition 75th anniversary cookie tin.


A box from 1991 showing some of experiences a girl could have in Guiding.


From 1998, one of the earliest boxes for chocolaty mint cookies.


The classic cookie box from our 100th anniversary in 2010.

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