Blanketed in memories….Or, what do you do with 85 Girl Guide T-shirts?

Like many Guiders, I have accumulated an incredible number of crests and patches throughout the years and the culmination of this epic crest collecting has resulted in the completion of two camp blankets. But along with all of those patches and crests, I’ve also collected many Guiding T-shirts over the years. So many that they had an entire chest of drawers dedicated to them! My mother cautiously suggested that I give her all the shirts and she would have them made into a quilt for me. She was surprised at how quickly I agreed to this plan (little did she know I was also thinking about having them made into a quilt). So, when I flew home for Thanksgiving in 2013, I had two bags with me – filled with 85 Girl Guide shirts!

We got them home and sorted through what I wanted kept from each one – design on the back only, or front and back and sleeves for some. And I waited… Neither one of us really knew anyone who quilted and we figured it would be a bit expensive to get done. But, patience does have its rewards – later that year, my aunt coincidentally took up quilting. She’d made a few quilts for herself and family members, so my mother broached the subject with her. And she of course said yes!




Jan7_GuideQuiltPillowShe did not really know what she was getting into until she saw the piles of shirts! But my aunt and my mother cut out all the logos and did a rough layout for them. My aunt took all the pieces home and quilted them together – she even had enough left to make a pillow. And I couldn’t be happier with the end result! I cannot thank my mother and aunt enough for this wonderful keepsake from the camps, events, conferences, travel and dragon boat racing I have taken part in. And now I have space to collect more shirts for a second quilt!

Guest post by Tanya Watts. Tanya was a girl member in Regina and a Brownie Guider and Trainer in Saskatoon and currently volunteers as a Trainer and Guide Guider in Edmonton. 

Do you have a one-of-a-kind Guide collection? Or a unique way of showcasing your Guiding pride? Share your story with us! ggcblog(at)

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2 Responses to Blanketed in memories….Or, what do you do with 85 Girl Guide T-shirts?

  1. I’ve been planning to do exactly this – unfortunately I’m still in the waiting stage! It’s good to know that someone else has tried it and found that it works.

  2. I bought the girls in my unit for the last four years a blanket and told them about putting their badges on it. I have embroidered the unit names on the blankets as we have a combined unit so each year they get a new unit name on their blanket.

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