Remembrance Day: Reflecting and giving thanks

Nov11_crestLooking back on my 11 years of Guiding, some of my earliest memories are going to the Remembrance Day Ceremonies with my unit at the University of British Columbia. As I sat in War Memorial Gym year after year with the rest of the girls in my unit, all of us dressed in our Guiding uniforms, I couldn’t help but look around, observe and take in what was happening around me. My perspective on the meaning of the ceremony and the purpose of acknowledging the soldiers who served so valiantly changed when I was in Rangers.

As a Ranger, having the opportunity to place a wreath on behalf of Mackenzie Heights District at the ceremony meant a lot to me. Year after year, I would see the different girls participating in the placing of the wreath ceremony. When I got the opportunity last year to place a wreath on behalf of my district I felt privileged. Placing that wreath symbolized tribute and respect to the men and women who served in the two World Wars, the Korean War, Afghanistan and to all the current soldiers serving at home and overseas to maintain our rights and freedoms.

As I walked to place the wreath, I remembered the words of the veteran who had spoken moments before about his time on the front lines.  Reflecting on his words, it was truly impossible to imagine what it must have been like to be on the battlefields not knowing what will happen the next minute. As I placed the wreath, I took a moment to reflect, give thanks and honor those who put themselves in harm’s way for the freedom of our country and to remind myself never to forget the sacrifices made for my freedom and rights today.

We should continually recognize and be grateful for the sacrifices and contributions of the men and women serving today and in the past, and not just on November 11. Without their sacrifices we would not have the rights and the freedoms we are fortunate to have today.

Nov11_AnahitaGuest post by Anahita, who has finished the Ranger program in Vancouver, B.C. and is now a transitional member, volunteering with a Sparks group in Kelowna, B.C. She enjoys playing volleyball, volunteering in the community and trying new foods. 

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