Dear Lego….

2015 IDG crestWhen we heard how the 70th Toronto Guides celebrated International Day of the Girl (October 11), we had to share their story with you:

We shared with the girls the story of a female scientist who asked Lego to create sets with more women in their toys. So they created one. At our unit meeting, our Guides had the chance to write a letter to a company of their choice about how they feel about gender equality in toys and other items. Here’s a sample of what they wrote:

Dear Converse, Nike, Vans and Sports Check,

Can you include girl high tops in your collection?  When I outgrow my shoes, I want to get high tops… Also, most girls’ shoes are pink so I think there should be a wide variety of choices. My favourite colours are aquamarine and violet.


Dear people that made a fairy tale,

I think that you should change how the girl is always helpless, for example they’re stuck in a tower and cornered by a dragon or something and then the guy is like “I will save you” and it always has to be the guy that saves the princess.

Dear Nintendo, 

I think that you should include games that don’t have girls that are all helpless and like “Oh Save Me!!” It will make some girls sad because not all are like that. Some girls are independent and like other things. I think that you should have a variety of girls, not just one type. Because we’re all different and special in our own way.

 Dear Lego company,

 I think that your company should add more female characters because that does not seem fair.  Like what if there were more girls than boys?  Then who would be the ones complaining?

As Guiders Lelsey and Alison note: “This is why we LOVE Guides! When we see the girls thinking outside the box, we are so proud to be a part of it.”

This started as a unit activity but some of the girls’ letters may be sent so they can share their voice. Thank you to Guiders Lesley Skelly (Comet) and Alison Pearce (Thimble) for sharing their unit’s story.

What’s your Guiding story? Share it with us! ggcblog(at)

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