Girl Guide camp blanket vs. camp poncho

As units gear up for fall camps, we’re sharing one of our most popular blog items of all time.

poncho_girl2In today’s post, we’re entering into some pretty turbulent waters, opening up a seriously contentious debate, if you will. No, I’m not talking about chocolatey mint vs. chocolate and vanilla classic cookies. And I’m not talking about ‘Fire’s Burning’ vs. ‘Barges’ as best ever campfire closing (man, that would be a good debate). No, I’m talking about what is the ULTIMATE crest storage device. Yes, it’s camp blanket vs. camp poncho. Let the debate begin!

My daughter Ella is a super proud member of the 2nd Kanata Guides in Ottawa. In her five years as a Girl Guide, she’s had some amazing leaders who’ve organized week after week of fun activities. And in this time, Ella has amassed quite the collection of crests. She’s earned crests ranging from 2nd Year Spark, Crazy for Camping, Camp Woolsey 100 Steps Forward, Sing Ontario, Sing, Daughter of the World’s Best Mom, etc. (Okay, that last one I’m making up.)

Now, as the world’s best mom of the world’s awesomest Guide, I’m trying to decide what to do with all the crests. Because, well, jamming them all into a ziplock bag labeled ‘Sew these somewhere someday’ just isn’t cutting it anymore. And, it seems, I have two choices for crest storage device–camp blanket or camp poncho. Each has its merits.

Camp blanket:

  • It’s very blanket-y (i.e. it keeps you warm)
  • Works both at camp and while cuddling on the sofa at home
  • Blankets will always be in style

Camp poncho:

  • It’s very poncho-ey (i.e. you can wear it around the campfire, while debating whether to sing ‘ Fire’s Burning’  or ‘Barges’)
  • Works both as a poncho and – with a quick unfolding – as a blanket
  • Ponchos will also always be in style – at Girl Guide camp

Hmm, so it seems I haven’t really solved my dilemma. Dear bloggy friends, please help me – which should I order on the – the camp blanket or the camp poncho?

Guest post by Mary Vincent, Communications Coordinator, Girl Guides of Canada.


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10 Responses to Girl Guide camp blanket vs. camp poncho

  1. Isabelle Arnedo says:


    Where on the website does one find the poncho or blanket? I didnt find them via “search” nor by scouring each tab…

    many thanks Isabelle

  2. Melanie Reichle says:

    If you are handy with a sewing machine, there is a great pattern for a camp blanket at This one has a big pocket on the front for flashlights, song books etc.

  3. Krysta says:

    I have the best solution: I asked for both. I ended up with a blanket that has a “T” cut into the center so I can wear I like a poncho, but it has buttons so I can either pin the corners out as a collar or button it to lay flat like a blanket! (Thanks, Mom!)

  4. Kelly radonjic says:

    I did the blankets for my units two years in a row we love them.

  5. Krysta says:

    I couldn’t make up my mind for probably 10 years, so I have the best of both! I have a square blanket with a “T” cut in the center so I can wear it like a poncho, but I requested buttons so that it could be folded out like a collar, or buttoned back together like a blanket. (Thanks, Mom!)

  6. Amanda Legal says:

    Poncho all the way! It is warm, practical and really, you get to walk around all day with it during chilly camps! It doubles as a wonderful blanket and the more badges there are the warmer it gets! I vote PONCHO!!!! (Homemade ones are the best!)

  7. Erin says:

    I cut a hole in a fuzzy navy blanket and have made both my girls camp ponchos

  8. guiderbarb says:

    No contest-a Poncho!!! If she is a Girl Guide, that is! Anybody can own a blanket to keep warm but a poncho is the quintessential Guiding symbol when camping. Plus the points of a poncho in front can be folded and tacked up until she is older and taller. remember to theme parts of your blanket like “camps” “international” “Area events” “cookies” and “Thinking Day” crests. Plan ahead because it sounds like she will be a member for many more years!

  9. Steph says:

    As a former girl guide I remember reading making the poncho myself one night at guides. It was an awesome experience learning how to cut it out, sew the edges so it looked good and to do it with all my friends on my own with guidance. That being said, where is that poncho now? Tucked away. If I had a blanket I could still use it or pass it onto my own daughters, full of stories of camp, exchanges and challenges. My vote is blanket.

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