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Meet Devon – a Girl Greatness Award recipient who took it upon herself to recruit more Brownies for her unit!

During my first year of Brownies, we only had three girls, but it was still fun! After the advancement, my unit went down to two girls. I decided that I would like more girls to join my unit so we could play more games like Giant’s House.

I told my mom I was going to tell everyone at school and that’s what I did, but no one called to ask questions. I sat and thought how I could get them to join. Then I decided to make a flyer about Brownies and myself and give it out. My principal even suggested I talk to the classes about what Brownies is. I was scared but I did it.


My mom was a Guider and she could answer everyone’s questions and help new girls join. First, I handed out the flyer at my school and two of my friends called the same day! They joined! A couple of days later another girl joined – I was so happy.

I remember my mom saying when she was a Brownie she had girls from different schools in her unit, so we dropped off flyers at two other schools in our area. In the end, six new girls joined my unit. This year was the best year I have had in Guiding, EVER!

Girl Greatness Award Pin

Girl Greatness Award Pin

Guest post by Devon, a Brownie in Ontario and recipient of the Resourcefulness Girl Greatness Award. Meet the rest of our Girl Greatness Awards recipients. 


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