A Billion Brownies

June16_BrowniesSongAfter another crazy-busy year as a Brownie Guider in our multi-branch unit (72 girls!), by the time our last meeting rolled around, I was pretty much done. As in, I’m ready for summer, shut the door on the craft closet and forget it’s there until August, done. There were just minutes left in the evening —advancement was over, badges distributed—and all we were doing was milling about and wishing families a happy summer. Then two first-year Brownies found me, and asked somewhat anxiously if the year was REALLY over. I asked why, and they said they had something they wanted to share with just the Brownies. Turns out one of the very best moments of the whole year was yet to come.

June16_BrowniesWe pulled all the Brownies we could find into a smaller room, and Lily-Rose and Nyah explained to us all that they had written a tribute song about Brownies, and then sang it to us. The debut performance of “A Billion Brownies” was, to be completely honest, a little rough. (See below for the lyrics.) But that didn’t matter to me at all. I gushed and blurted, “That was amazing!” And even though a couple of the other Brownies were a bit skeptical, yes Lily-Rose and Nyah, what you did was amazing.

Let’s see. You wrote a song for and about Brownies. You felt confident and comfortable enough in our group to seek me out and make a special request. You stood in front of all the Brownies and sang. Out loud. By yourselves.

I don’t know if you understood why I wanted to have a copy of the song, and just how much it means to me and the other Guiders. For me, it was powerful proof that Brownies is so much bigger than the weekly (sometimes) grind of planning, coordinating, supply-gathering, and problem-solving. It showed me that this year has been about empowerment, creativity, friendship and leadership—Brownie-style. So thank you, Lily-Rose and Nyah, and all of the 22 other 12th Ottawa Guiding Group Brownies. Thank you for making what we do so much more than just “worth it.” See you next year.

A Billion Brownies
This song is made by Lily-Rose and Nyah.
This song is made for the Brownies.

There’s a billion Brownies in the world but there’s only one.
What about you?
There’s two now.
You guys are Brownies too.
There’s 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 a billion, a billion
There’s a billion Brownies in the world
Thank you lots guys.


Guest post by Kathryn Lyons, with the 12th Ottawa Guiding Group, Sandy Hill, Ottawa. Kathryn has been a Guider with 12th Ottawa for five years, and with Brownies for the past three. The accomplishments, support, encouragement and team work of each of her co-Guiders also make it much more than worth it every year. Check out her previous posts: Should Girls Bring Tech to Camp; Watching Girl Greatness.

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  1. Tara says:

    Very sweet! Thanks for sharing. It is this type of thing that makes all the work worthwhile.

  2. Linda says:

    That is neat. It also shows they had confidence to be in front of a group.

  3. Thanks for this post – it made me teary 🙂

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