Confessions of a crest collector

Camping season is coming – and girls and Guiders will be busy swapping crests and coveting the latest additions to their collections. We asked one Guider to tell us about some of her favourites.

Since becoming a Guider in 2011, one of my favourite things to do in Guiding (beyond interacting with the girls of course!) is collect crests. Even though I was a Brownie, Guide, and Pathfinder in the 1980s and 1990s, I never had a camp blanket and had maybe one or two crests. In just four short years since re-joining Guiding, I’ve quickly collected a variety of crests from across Canada, and even several international crests! I’ve started a camp blanket, and have a small Rubbermaid container of those waiting their turn to be sewn on. Some of my top picks are shown below, along with the reasons why I like them.

DistrictsNova Scotia District Crests
The crests in this picture show Bedford District, Fundyview District, and Hants District. I love these crests for two reasons; first, because they are so colourful and truly show the unique attributes of these districts. You really can go whale watching and pick apples in Fundyview District, see the birthplace of hockey in Hants District or watch sailboats in the harbour from Bedford District. Secondly, these crests remind me of all of the friends across Nova Scotia I’ve made since becoming a Guider, and getting involved in provincial events, camps and activities. Some of my closest friends are now Guiders.

LewisLakeNewLewis Lake Guide Camp (old/new)
This crest dates back to the late 80s/early 90s and represents one of the few times I went to camp as a girl.  Mom was “Tawny Owl” and we stayed at the building called Owl’s Nest (which is no longer in use).  I don’t remember a whole lot about camping as a girl, however my sister clearly remembers making cardboard cars from boxes and driving them around the building with 80’s pop music playing in the background.

LewisLakeOldFor comparison purposes, the red-bordered crest is the current Camping at Lewis Lake Crest. Year rockers are added for each year you camp at Lewis Lake. 

Nova Scotia Around the World in Artistic Ways Challenge
ArtsAroundtheWorldAround the World in Artistic Ways challenges girls and Guiders in all branches of Guiding to reflect on our role in the international sisterhood of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), investigate similarities and differences among cultures, and celebrate diversity.  As part of our year-end camp in 2014, my Brownie unit completed this challenge by participating in activities such as learning about Brownie uniforms in other countries, learning the Mexican Hat Dance, and creating “tableau scenes” of traditional activities in other countries. It was an excellent challenge to incorporate into camp weekend, and fit very well with our camp theme “Brownies Around the World.”

GS20122012 Year of the Girl Scouts USA
While this crest doesn’t have any flashy graphics, it is the first crest I collected from outside of Canada. Every year, for the past five years I’ve travelled to Twinsburg, Ohio (just outside Cleveland) the Twins Days Twins Festival (with my twin sister of course!). We have met many great friends, two of whom are Girl Scout Leaders in Ohio. Our friends took us to the Girl Scouts of Northeastern Ohio offices, and one of their friends gave us a variety of Girl Scout crests, including 2012 Year of the Girl.

By guest blogger Lashauna Smith. Lashauna is a Brownie Guider in Timberlea, Nova Scotia (soon to become a Guide Leader!). She is also the Nova Scotia Provincial Lead for the Twinning2020 initiative. 

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